Top 10 Hot Tub Accessories

When you buy a hot tub, you are certain that you have made a great investment that will ensure many relaxing moments. You probably think that you can’t make your spa experience more pleasant than it really is, but what if you found out that you can add some accessories to your hot tub to make it even more convenient? We will convince you that you improve your hot tub with the following top 10 accessories that increase the comfort and quality of your hot tub session.

Blue Wave NP530 Deluxe Weighted Spa Headrest

You can forget about head and necks aches while sitting in the hot tub if you opt for a headrest that keeps your head and neck in the best position. The Blue Wave NP530 Deluxe is a weighted spa headrest that provides superior support by adjusting to the shape of your head and neck. This large 12” x 10” pillow-like item features a weighted strap that keeps it in place and comes in a mildew-resistant fabric in a cream hue with a black trim. The item costs $31,34 reduced from $72.95.

Sundance Pillow – 780 Series

Another excellent pillow that can be added to your hot tub to make it feel more comfortable is this Sundance pillow made of a solid yet soft rubber that offers great neck support. The pillow measures 10.5” x 6” x 2” and it can fit a variety of hot tubs like Camden, Certa, or Chelsee. For $24, you can take a nap on this cozy hot tub pillow.

Hot Springs Sovereign Replacement Spa and Hot Tub Cover

In order to keep the water hot inside the hot tub and to protect it during the winter, you need a cover and if your hot tub didn’t come with one, you can try this useful cover. Available either in brown or gray, the cover measures 93” x 80” with 11” radius corners so it fits rectangular hot tubs. Take note that the cover is not compatible with a cover lift but it can work very well on a regular hot tub. The $299 might seem a little high but it will be a great investment.

Handi-Pad Spa Installation and Protector Pad

Your hot tub will need a strong surface to sit on and you can opt for a protective pad instead of pouring concrete on the ground. This plastic pad measures 32” x 48” and comes with jigsaw brackets that allow you to add more pieces and increase the coverage area so it will fit a larger hot tub. The pad is weatherproof and UV resistant and can be easily washed with water and soap to remove impurities. You can now enjoy an incredible discount that has lowered the price from $229 to $90.

Rola-Chem Scumbug Oil-Absorbing Sponge

While sitting in the hot tub, your body eliminates many oils that alter the cleanliness of the water and create an oily foil on the water surface. Luckily, you can remove these oils with this oil-absorbing sponge that you simply put in the water and let it do its cleaning job or you use it to wipe the sides and floor or your hot tub. The pack contains two bug-shaped sponges and costs only $10.

PureSpa Cup Holder

If you want to sip on a soda while sitting in the bathtub, you will definitely need a flat surface to keep the soda bottle within reach. This cup and bottle holder that attaches to the side of your hot tub is a useful accessory that you will love to have. The item includes two standard beverage holders and a tray for snacks without being too bulky or disturbing. Plus, at $7, it is more than affordable.

Intex PureSpa Spa Seat

If your hot tub doesn’t have seat installed or at least a cushioned floor that will feel comfortable, you might want to add some seats to increase its comfort. These ones from Intex are made of a hard plastic instead of being inflatable but also manage to be comfortable and to stay on the bottom of the hot tub. The seat measures 18.5” x 8.6” x 14” so it will lift your body enough to cool off just a little and it can be added to any type of hot tub since they don’t practically attach to the tub. For $36.99, you can enjoy the comfort of this convenient seat.

Intex PureSpa Inflatable Bench

This inflatable hot tub bench is great for when you want to relax by the spa without actually getting in the water. The bench is designed to fit around an Intex PureSpa hot tub and comes with brackets that attach it to the tub. It is made from the same material and in the same color scheme as the hot tubs it matches to complete the design and the $38.66 price tag makes it very affordable.

Highwood Flex Corner Spa Cabinet Kit

This stylish hot tub accessory is made of recycled plastic so it is a very eco-friendly item and is more resistant to wear and tear than other versions made of polyurethane. It is available in 3 color finishes and can fit hot tubs that measure a maximum of 33” high with a maximum 96” corner to corner dimension. The 12-year warranty makes up for the high $794 price.

Leisure Accents Spa Step with Storage Compartment

This ingenious hot tub stair that allows you to get in and out of the tab with more ease is also a storage cabinet where you can keep all your hot tub supplies. The plastic it is made of is water and sun-resistant and comes in 4 different color combinations to blend with your hot tub. The top stair has a removable compartment for convenient storage and the overall item costs only $149.