Top 3 Inflatable Hot Tubs

The Best

Canadian Spa Company CSCHTRG29 Rio Grande 4-Person Inflatable Spa

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Our Choice

Intex PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe Portable Hot Tub, Round, 77″, Onyx

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Best Price

Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable 4-Person Hot Tub with Six Filter Cartridges

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What's behind our Hot Tubs Ratings

Tub Material

The tub material is very important when you look for a good inflatable tub. Therefore, the material, besides the fact that it has to be resistant in order to hold in the water, it also has to be comfortable. Most inflatable tubs are made of Polyester Laminated PVC.

Maximum Seating Capacity

The maximum seating capacity represents the maximum number of persons that can seat in the inflatable tub. If you want to enjoy it with your family and friends, then it’s wise to choose a model that can comfortably accommodate at least 4 persons.

Water Capacity

The water capacity can make a big difference when choosing an inflatable tub, so always check this information before making a purchase. Although some models may have the same external dimensions, you should know that they can feature different water capacity.


Most of the models available on the market come with comforting massage jets that help you relax while you’re in the tub. Therefore, you should definitely choose one that features massage jets if you want to ease your sore muscles and eliminate the stress.

Water Filtration System

Look only for those inflatable tubs that have a water filtration system because its main role is to keep the water clean and fresh. The filtration system eliminates the debris and sediments, making the tub a safer relaxation place.

Rapid Heating System

A rapid heating system means that the water temperature has to increase at approximately 2-3 degrees per hour so that in about 24 hours, the water temperature will reach the maximum of 104 degrees. Therefore, in order to enjoy the tub quicker, the product has to feature a rapid heating system.

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